A Finalist in the Inspired Category – Wow!!


The moment I found out I am a finalist in the Inspired category for the MPower National Business Awards 2019 was a moment of complete shock and disbelief. I read the email, again and again, word for word just in case I had invented words in my mind.

To be honest I feel overwhelmed and emotional knowing that others see what I truly believe in my mission. My mission is that no mother should lose themselves and carry with them years of guilt, loneliness, feeling trapped and all the negative emotions and feelings that are so sadly common amongst mothers raising children with disabilities. We love our children to the moon and back yet this is not a substitute in neglecting our own needs.

This award means so much on a personal level, I knew many years ago when bringing up my own child with Cerebral Palsy that even having a career and I consider myself resourceful and resilient, how little support there is for mothers who are ‘doing it all’ – jack of all trades master of none. Yet we do become a master because we become consumed with doing what we need to do for our children – at the expense of our own health & mental wellbeing and Identity. Sadly little has changed over the years. Enough is enough.

I feel I am already a winner and I want to thank Mpower for shining a light on the wonderful women who are all making a difference in their own way.

I am so excited to meet and be among so many inspiring women at the Gala Awards in Birmingham on 29th June.

If you are a mum in business and would like to join a community for Mums in Business take a look at the website http://www.mpower.academy/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/mpowermumsinbiz/?ref=bookmarks

If you are a mum raising children with disabilities or you know mums who are, come and join my community https://www.facebook.com/serajohnston.coachinganddevelopment/.

If you would like to know a bit more about my journey and how this can support you, my book may be helpful

Sending love







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