Complimentary Kickstart Consultation

Ready to change the way you feel?

If you are tired of feeling tired, had enough of feeling like you’ve lost all hope for a happier future, and know it’s time for YOU to have some of the support and help to feel better about life, then I would like to offer you:

First steps to a brighter future…

A complimentary Kickstart consultation

In this 60 minute one-to-one supportive and confidential consultation via Skype/telephone, I will help you:

  • Give you a confidential spaceto explore how you want to feel again
  • Help you discover a way forward and simple steps you can take
  • Complete the consultation with the clarity of what to do next

This is not a sales pitch. This is a genuine offer for me to help you one-to-one. If during our consultation I see there is a really good match between any further help and support you might need going forward and what it is I do, then I will take 5 minutes at the end of this session to briefly describe where I see this match and answer any questions you have. 

You see, I only offer my one-to-one coaching and mentoring programmes to people I’ve spent time getting to know in my kickstart sessions, and only if there is a great match. These kickstart sessions give you great value, and help me to really get to know you and see if I’m the right person to help you.

As a qualified coach specialising in supporting mothers raising children with Cerebral Palsy, and having raised my 20-year old daughter Dana who was diagnosed with CP when she was 13-months old, I help women to discover a brighter future where they feel supported, valued, healthier, happier and in control of their life again. Feel they have found themselves again

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