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Support for parents

 Only another mother raising a child with a disability can truly understand how challenging it can feel- from the time we receive the initial diagnosis, struggling to come to terms with this devastating news as our world is turned upside down, through the years of daily battles to do as much as we can to give our child the best care and opportunities possible – let’s be honest, the road can feel long and lonely.

Do you…

  • feel alone and isolated
  • feel angry, wondering “why us”
  • feel stuck and trapped, overwhelmed and exhausted by daily responsibilities
  • feel like some days you haven’t got anything more to give, perhaps feel like giving up
  • feel guilty for finding your child a burden or a chore
  • feel like you’re not good enough
  • feel anxious and afraid of what the future holds for you and your child
  • feel weighed down, helpless and lost
  • feel tired, unhappy and often unwell
  • turn to food for comfort and make unhealthy choices
  • look in the mirror unable to recognise the face staring back at you
  • struggle to see beyond your child’s disability
  • feel abandoned and undervalued by society

Have you …

  • Lost hope
  • Forgotten what it feels like to smile or laugh
  • Lost all sense of who you are
  • Lost friends and family
  • Lost your relationship or marriage
  • Had to give up your job or financial independence to care for your child
  • Buried your emotions so deep, you don’t know what you feel anymore

Do you find yourself…

  • Putting yourself last
  • Trying to be everything to everyone, burning yourself out in the process
  • Turning to comfort eating/alcohol or other ‘comforters’ just to get through the day
  • Grieving the child/life you thought you would have
  • Worrying about the impact on your marriage
  • Worrying how all this will affect your other children

You are not alone – join our safe space

 Raising a child with Cerebral Palsy or any disability can be challenging on so many levels – physically, emotionally and mentally, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Join our positive and supportive community of mothers raising children with CP who support and empower one another and understand the journey of raising a child with disabilities. The only community group focused on you as a woman.

Find hope and support

What if you could see a brighter future for yourself and your child…

How would it be to smile again? To overcome your fears, to release the emotions of anger and guilt that are eating away at you from the inside. 

What if you could feel lighter, healthier and happier, even smile and laugh again (perhaps something you haven’t done in a long time). 

As a qualified coach specialising in supporting mothers raising children with Cerebral Palsy, and having raised my 20-year old daughter Dana who was diagnosed with CP when she was 13-months old, I help women to discover a brighter future where they feel supported, valued, healthier, happier and in control of their life again. Feel they have found themselves again.

First steps to a brighter future…

Ready to change the way you feel?

If you are tired of feeling tired, had enough of feeling like you’ve lost all hope for a happier future, and know it’s time for YOU to have some of the support and help to feel better about life, then I would like to offer you:

A Complimentary Kickstart Consultation

In this 60 minute one-to-one supportive and confidential consultation via Skype/telephone, I will help you:

  • Give you a confidential space to explore how you want to feel again
  • Help you discover a way forward and simple steps you can take
  • Complete the consultation with the clarity of what to do next

This is not a sales pitch. This is a genuine offer for me to help you one-to-one. If during our consultation I see there is a really good match between any further help and support you might need going forward and what it is I do, then I will take 5 minutes at the end of this session to briefly describe where I see this match and answer any questions you have.

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